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Just a young professional navigating the world through blog posts and creative projects.

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June Bullet Journal

May did not exist because I was on vacation majority of the month and who needs structure when you're on vacation? June is a little funky...

April Bullet Journal

It took me 3 months to finally post a bullet journal layout before the months start! This isn't my prettiest set of pages, but the frogs...

March Bullet Journal

It's mid-March and I still suck, but you can use these layouts for any month :) March is one of my busy months so I added a page to take...

February Bullet Journal Layouts

Sorry I am working on posting these ahead of the month, but stay with me here because I do love to bullet journal! Monthly layout Weekly...

January Bullet Journal

I know it's the end of January, but I didn't have this website up until the middle of the month! Here are the layouts I did for the...

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