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Halloween Movies 2020

In 2020 I created a wheel of Halloween Movies. Here's what it included:


Star = Starz

Lightning bolt = Netflix

Green heart = Hulu

Boot = Bootleg

Cherries = Amazon

Mouse = Disney+


Case 89

Scream (Tubi)

The shining (sling & fubo)

The exorcist

Paranormal activities ⭐️⚡️

The ring 👢

Lovecraft county

The grudges⭐️💚👢


28 days later (hbo max)

28 weeks later👢

Slice - a24🍒

Fantastic mr. Fox🐭

Scooby doo and the witch’s ghost👢

Over the garden wall 💚

Fantasy island⭐️

Donnie darko🍒

Halloween (sling ⭐️)👢

Friday the 13th👢

Sleepy hollow⚡️

Blair witch project👢

Young Frankenstein💚⭐️👢

Rocky horror👢

The haunted mansion 🐭

In the tall grass⚡️

Texas chainsaw massacre💚


Children of the corn💚

Alien movies👢 hbo

Funny games👢

Bag head🍒

Dale and tucker vs evil ⚡️

House of a thousand corpses💚


The baby’s room


Color out of space

Silence of the lamb ⚡️

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