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Watermelon Party Favors

I am having a fruit themed birthday party and wanted to make these cute party favors for my guests. Check out the TikTok below if you are a visual learner! OR skip past to read how to make this craft.


  • Paper plates

  • Paint (I used cheap watercolors!)

  • Paintbrush and water

  • Black marker

  • Staples, hot glue, or tape

  • Fillers: candy, noisemakers, toys, etc.


  1. Paint your plates red in the middle. Let it dry. Paint the plates green on the rim. Let it dry.

  2. Use the black marker to make seeds on the red part.

  3. Lay out your plates with the blank side up. Put your fillers in and fold in half.

  4. Use your stapler/hot glue/tape to seal.

TA DA you have some fun favors for your friends!

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