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Just a young professional navigating the world through blog posts and creative projects.

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Deviled Egg Chicks (yikes)

Alright this could easily be categorized as a pinterest fail, but my mom & I tried our darnedest for a last minute idea. If you look up...

Chicken Pot Pie

I gave up dessert for Lent, so I switched up my usual sweet treat for a savory pie for Pi day 2021. Ingredients 2 pie crusts Olive oil 3...

Triple Berry Pie

If you’re hip you know I like to get mathematical & celebrate pi day. Here’s the recipe for the pie I made in 2019. Ingredients 3...

Vegan Key Lime Pie

This pie was a crowd pleaser among my peers with different dietary needs! This vegan recipe can also be gluten free if you substitute...

Peach Pie

I started my Pi day tradition back in 2017 when I had a snow day at school, but I would say peach pies are perfect for the summer and...

Banana Pudding

This pudding definitely defines part of my quarantine life. This is an absolute crowd pleaser and requires only a few ingredients. It...

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